27 March 2011

I Passed My Permit Test !

Miley Cyrus with her permit license.
Image from www.driverslicensehandbook.org/files/2010/11/learners-permit-3.jpg

On March.24.2011. I took the Permit Test at the DMV and passed ! I'm so excited about it so I just wanted to let you all know. I was driving way before I ever received my permit, my dad was the first person to ever teach me how to drive. From then I took more driving lessons through my friends and so on. I love driving and couldn't wait to take the permit test. I have to wait a week for the permit license, right now I have a temporary permit license. This past week has been so much good luck for me, I can't wait for more good luck ! If you have any questions regarding New York Permit Test then leave your comments on this post.

Example : Florida Learner License

Image from www.highschooldriver.com/dmvtest.shtml

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