22 March 2011

Leave your Loser Boyfriend

Over the years of my experience with dating I've learned a lot and have some tips to share with you girls out there(this can also work for guys). It's just that I'm a female so I'm writing this post towards mostly women but guys take advice too. :)

So I've been up since 4am, just woke up out of my sleep because I have so much on my mind and I just feel like expressing myself. I was asking a couple questions on Yahoo Answers regarding my relationship problems and etc. just to see what people would say. There answers were exactly what I expected, I'm happy I've left all my problems/troubles behind me. I realize over time that obsessing over a guy and trying to be in this long loving relationship is just not surreal. Sometimes I felt like I forced myself to love a guy I just didn't love and who was not really loving me, no matter how much he did me wrong I felt the need to stay in the relationship just so I wouldn't be single.
It's scary being single ? Why do most girls feel like that ? Because we've never actually been single long enough to enjoy the single life and realize what we should truly focus on is ourselves. I use to build up so much anger for my past relationship experiences and finally oneday I realized the best thing to do is move on in life, you will never be truly happy until the day you move on from the scumbag/jerk guy who you are dating. Now as far as cheaters go, cheaters can turn into compulsive liars. Once a guy cheats on you he will feel the need to start lying to you constantly and because you've been together for so long you'll feel like you NEED him which you truly DON'T. You will never NEED someone in life except yourself. Learn to love and respect yourself if you haven't already.

" Love yourself first before you love someone else. "

That quote is posted on my facebook. I felt the need to post that since I've been loving myself more than ever, it's time for a new start this year and I'm happy that I'm finally loving myself first more than ever. I'm tired of feeling all sad and stressed about everything, it usually has to do with a guy which for me now I just know I don't NEED guy to satisfy my happiness. All I need is to make sure I'm happy in myself first before I can accept love from any guy. You can't be with your boyfriend if all you have is hurt from previous relationships, you have to learn to let go of all those emotions that are kept inside of you. Some women like to cry it out but I would say it's best to eat it out..lol..instead of sobbing over a guy just start eating stuff you love, doing things you enjoy, focusing on what's important in your life(example : family/friends/your goals..etc).

Don't ever let anyone think they can CONTROL you or take your HAPPINESS away. As long as you love yourself and your a strong, confident person then you can best believe that you will find that right guy or girl for yourself. No need to go chasing for that person like you NEED to be in a relationship especially if your young, you have all the time in the world to meet the right person to build a bond with.

If you need any relationship advice or any advice go to the CONTACT page and write to me. Ask me anything you may need advice on. I will make a post answering any questions.

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