18 March 2011

Demi Lovato in Rehab

I've not been up-to date with much of anything lately since I started using a new cable/internet/phone service plan. Before I didn't have any cable on so I didn't really watch t.v. except on my laptop I would watch movies/shows from tmovieonline.blogspot.com and other sites. I didn't know Demi Lovato was in rehab....wtf ?
I was watching one of her episodes from her show Sunny with a Chance on youtube then saw the comments saying she went to rehab for slitting her wrists and all kind of crazy stuff. I don't know what to believe but I hope she's better now. I didn't see her going down this path but I did see it in Miley Cyrus, that's strange.
Usually though it's the person who doesn't act like their outgoing and crazy who usually surprises you.

For example : Their are two sisters named Ying and Yang. Ying is a loud mouth/troubled girl. Yang on the otherhand is quiet and seems nice. Who would you expect to end up pregnant with 2 kids and no job ? Ying ends up in the army and Yang the so called quiet/nice sister ends up with 2 kids, single parent, no job and no diploma. Yang missed her chance of graduating when she got pregnant at 15. She had to leave school to get a job working but as years passed she lost her job and now needs to go back to school and start life all over again.

The Ying and Yang example is too true in real life, I've known people who it has happened too. Very sad story but it's life. Anyway back to Demi in rehab. So I'm still in shock but I'm glad she checked herself into rehab despite what the press may say, she's different unlike  some people in the spotlight who would not get help no matter what and keep saying that their fine. Example : Charlie Sheen

Photo stills of Demi's rehab videos

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