31 March 2011

My First Pay out as a Blogger

Screen cap from my online Chase bank account, Google Adsense amount was $116.47.
I had previous money in my account so the final total was $217.66.

I finally received my first earnings a couple days ago ! To receive a payment you have to make over $100.00 which I did. They sent me $116.47. What they do is hold whatever you make until the end of the month then they pay you, it's a cycle so every month you earn revenue from ads on your sites and you get paid once you earn over $100. Above is a preview of the amount I've earned. It's not a lot at first until your sites keep gaining more popularity/views/readers/subscribers.
I have over $130.00 in my Adsense account right now but was only sent the amount above since that's where the payment reached since last month but they paid me after reviewing my account to make sure I don't have any holds on my account. For some youtubers/bloggers this is how they pay their rent but for others it's just a quick way to make something extra. My purpose for my earnings is to basically save. I really don't like spending, I'm more of saver; I'm very cautious how I spend my money.

Well that's it, just wanted to let you all know about my first payout  and how it really works, It's pretty simple. The more traffic you have, the greater earning potential.

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