01 April 2011

Chase, Paypal, Ebay WTF ?!

My accounts are so f'd up right now. My Chase and Paypal account primarily. My ebay account is kinda fine except they keep overcharging me random fees like the store subscription fee, they charged me for that which is $15.95 plus recently I was charged a fee of  $4.00 for no reason....all the items I list are under the 99 cents mark on ebay which when you list for 99 cents or less, the item listing is FREE plus whenever I sell an item I pay my ebay final value fees EVERY TIME ! So these random charges are really pissing me the F off. Anyways, I call ebay today to complain about what's going on, the lady assured me my account will be credited back whatever charges I was wrongly charged. So yay me ! Do I believe her ? No F`ing way ! Until I see proof in the next 24-48 hours which she said it should process then I will believe her nonsense. Next onto PAYPAL, Chase and Paypal have wrongly charged me over 76.00 worth of charges TWICE ! Plus a fee of over $10.00 ! I called Chase to clear everything up but the stupid lady made my account seem like I owe over $160.00 worth of charges which I don't ! This all started when I bought the Powerbook G4 12" on ebay, I even returned it yesterday just because it was no good. I wish I had NEVER bought it in the first place, I regret it but I have now learned from everything, I paid for the laptop with my own money which I put on my Chase/Paypal accounts, then now I end up having negative balances in BOTH my Chase & Paypal accounts, my Chase account is clear again and now my Paypal account needs to be in good standing again, they want me to pay them over $30.00 for God knows what. I have to call tomorrow to make a dispute claim to Chase and Paypal. This is all too much since I called Paypal already and they had the nerve to ask if I would like to be transferred to Ebay, it seems like the customer service agent was not trying to be helpful but I had to ship back the laptop I bought from Ebay so I was in no fuss to argue with him all day I had to rush out to mail the laptop so I can get my money back. This is all too much but luckily I have another bank account which I save my money on which is Bank Of America. If all else fails I will just use them and cancel my Chase account, I really hate all this commotion/wrong charges that's going on. This is all really Paypal's fault, this NEEDS to be fixed.

The worst thing that happened was I was paid to write a blog post, I was paid $50.00 through Paypal but sadly Paypal took that money thinking I owe them for God knows what. All my money in the account was tooken so I have a lot to resolve with them and Chase. This is all too much, I'm wrongly charged and pissed at these two companies, really is this all necessary ? Give me money back ! What scammers ! If I get charged anymore fees I will have to resort to suing. There was a balance of over $132.00 in my Paypal account and now it's ALL GONE ! Tell me if something isn't wrong, this has got to be a joke/April fools' prank since it's April.

Well I'll see what I can do to resolve this, for now I'm gonna get some snacks to eat and then watch a movie. Until the next post !

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