01 April 2011

Xiaxue vs. Peter Coffin

Xiaxue as shown in the photo above was having an internet war/battle with Peter Coffin.
I'll give you a quick summary of the scenario.

Xiaxue is on her twitter minding her own business when Peter decides to tweet her and calls her fake since she has done plastic surgery and blah blah blah. Now Xiaxue has admitted to her plastic surgery, photoshopping all her photos and so forth. She does not hide anything so how can she be called a FAKE ? I guess wearing extensions or dying your hair color makes a person fake too right ? It's not what you do to yourself that makes you fake but how you act. If your personality changes with your new image then your a phony but if you are the same person even after going through surgery or whatever changes to your image then your not a fake person. Anyway Peter thinks he should go on with Xiaxue about her plastic surgery on twitter and how he likes natural girls so she decides to end his little internet existence.

Peter is a guy on youtube with a good amount of subscribers but his videos only gain views because he tries to parody everything new and relevant but only ends up receiving a bunch of dislikes on his videos. He's not funny at all, sounds boring and talks about basically nothing worth watching. He tries too hard and seems obsessed with Asian girls that's exactly why he decided to tweet Xiaxue. He has disabled all comments on his videos on his youtube page since this happened.

Xiaxue, she is a famous Singaporean blogger and makes a living from blogging through her adverts, sponsors and etc. She also makes videos too. Xiaxue is basically a "TELL YOU LIKE IT IS" blogger. She dosen't care what she writes and if it hurts someones feelings, she just writes what she feels plus she's a total camwhore. If you head to her blog you will find tons of photos of her camwhoring it up. She has had multiple plastic surgeries(I think mostly her nose) and she photoshops all her photos. The photoshop really does wonders it really makes her nose look very straight but that's not the point, my point is she's admitted to all she has done and people like her for that plus she's funny ! I started reading her blog awhile back and found myself continuously reading it. I found Xiaxue through Michelle Phan's video of the both of them doing the disney princesses tutorial. I took one visit to her blog and decided "hey this is worth reading" and I've been reading her blog ever since.

lee na young
Peter's fake girlfriend Kim Kobayashi who is actually Ulzzang Lee Na Young.

Xiaxue digged deeper into finding more about Peter then she posted a blog post that FINISHED him ! Peter was exposed for having a pretend girlfriend who was not really who she said she was and using someone else's photo. The fake girlfriend's name is Kimi Kobayashi, who supposedly lives in Japan and they've been dating for 8 months. Peter sent Xiaxue an email pretending to be his own legal team and let her know he would sue, poor dummy sent the email from his own email address(wow, smart move). Peter is of course embrassed since all his youtube fans will probably not like him and mock/make fun of him. He's not that great of a youtuber so this is like the icing on the cake.

At the end of everything Xiaxue WINS ! Peter should of never started.

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