13 April 2011

Nursing Student

Hello everyone ! I haven't blogged in awhile but it's because so much has been going on in my life so I haven't been able to blog, but sometimes I just don't know what to write. Well anyways let me tell you what's been going on. I'm starting Nursing school next week, I was originally going to do Nursing but then I changed it to Phlebotomy Technician(which is blood drawing) then I changed it back to nursing. I change my mind a lot but I've finally come to the conclusion that the nursing is the best option. I still want to be a Phlebotomist but I will do classes for that after I'm finished with becoming a CNA. Even at one point I wanted to become a Medical Assistant. For my school uniform, I haven't even bought my nursing uniform yet so I'll have to do it this week.

Yesterday I was up early cause I was having abdominal pains. I was asleep when all of a sudden a pain hit me in my tummy and woke me up, it's the worst pain I ever felt. I had to get up and get two Tylenol pills, I didn't take them as yet though. I just let the pain wear off. That's when I decided I'll write a blog but instead I'm writing it this rainy morning. I'm awake earlier than yesterday morning, this time at 4:00 a.m. I'm having weird sleeping habits of just randomly waking up at certain times, it's been a weird pattern. I always wake up with my tummy hurting or some time of pain/ache.

I'm about to take photos of the new dresses I bought for my online clothing store Shop Fashun which is opening soon, I can't wait ! The official release is coming soon so be on the lookout for Shop Fashun !


  1. How has your process of becoming a gyaru been?

  2. My process of becoming a gyaru has been fun, I've actually started shopping more than ever before for mostly dresses.