24 April 2011


I received this really cool refillable travel perfume bottle atomizer spray in the mail on April 15th, I'm loving it so much ! I've been trying out for the past couple days and have fell in love with it, I carry it everywhere I go now ! It's called Travalo, basically what it is, is a small spray bottle that's small enough to travel with you anywhere but it gets better, it's refillable and very easy to refill to, no spills, no hassle it's just so simple.

As soon as I received it I tried it out so that's why you see liquid in the bottle below. Here's what it looks like :

Let me give you a quick tutorial of how to use the Travalo.

First here is the bottom of the Travalo where your going to put on top of whatever fragrance you decide you want to be in your Travalo.

Here is the fragrance I will be using, I took the cap off so I can place the Travalo on top. This is the 360 Sexy fragrance for men but of course I use mens fragrance as well.
Now all you have to do is place the Travalo on top of whatever fragrance you decide to use.

After that your ready to spray ! Just take the cap off and spray, spray, spray !

Super easy right ? Get yourself a Travalo if you travel a lot and especially if you also just love carrying around your favorite fragrance and would prefer a smaller, easier and better way to travel with your favorite fragrance. Also it's airport safe ! The airport staff won't mind you traveling with this in your handbag/purse on the airplane.

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