29 July 2011

Everything You’d Ever Want to Know About Me (& then some)

I got inspired to write this blog post because of Kalel Cullen. Saw this on her blog and decided I would write a list of 100 things about me, very interesting ! Let's go !

1. I love yellow ! Pink as well.
2. My fav. animals are cats, dogs come in second.
3. I'm a vampire, I like to come out at night and sleep in the day.
4. I've never really had a job, my job is online since that's where I make my money.
5. I'm an entrepreneur ! :)
6. I have 1 cat, 2 kittens and 1 Pomeranian puppy.
7. I love shopping, call me an addict !
8. Diamonds are my best friend ! Lol..but seriously I love diamonds.
9. I will wear anything from high end to cheap as long as it looks good.
10. My dad has never really been in my life a lot, that makes me sad sometimes. He makes it up by spoiling me with money...like really that works ?
11. I don't get along well with my mum and oldest sister.
12. I like any guy I'm with to be funny, have goals, handsome, smart, honest and driven.
13. I don't date guys younger than me.
14. I love Hersheys Cookies N Creme !
15. My first phone was the sidekick.
16. I hate jeans but will wear them sometimes in the winter. I prefer jeggings !
17. I've had all types of animals throughout the years from fish, hamsters, birds to even a shark.
18. I do whatever I put my mind to.
19. I learn to do things quickly so trying or doing new things comes easy.
20. I had a broken knee one point in my life, almost even got hit down by a truck when I was younger.
21. I like to donate to charities especially ASPCA.
22. I love Harry Potter, I read all the books before the movies were even thought of.
23. I hate excuses from people and liars.
24. I love to say my prayers at night.
25. Reality shows are my guilty pleasure.
26. If I call you and no answer I will not leave a message.
27. I don't answer unknown calls.
28. I love to dress up and get ready even if just going to the supermarket. It makes getting ready fun.
29. My nails are naturally nice even without a manicure or pedicure.
30. I started making videos on youtube for fun, never knew I would become so popular.
31. I like making videos with my webcam rather than my actual camera cause I like to look at myself while I film.
32. I don't like getting a tan in the summer.
33. I travel every year to Jamaica, it's like a tradition.
34. I love money but money does not change me. I will always be me.
35. I'm a VERY independent person.
36. I hate liars, fakes, scammers, perverts, killers and just about anyone who sees life in I hate you way.
37. I did everything I possibly could on my own, no help so I'm pretty strong and independent.
38. I don't take BS from anyone.
39. I'm not fake, if I have something to say about you I will say it to your face.
40. I started my own business because a business will last longer than working any 9 to 5 job. No one can fire you from your own business.
41. I would rather an elegant dinneer over movies. I'd rather watch movies on my free movie site.
42. I love being spoiled, my dad got me into that growing up since he always spoiled me.
43. I love massages ! Don't really like giving them.
44. I always felt insecure about certain parts of my body.
45. I love to travel, I want to travel the whole world !
46. I like my steak medium or medium-rare.
47. I don't eat fish, pork or drink orange juice.
48. I love chocolate chip cookies, my fav. are from McDonalds' and Subway.
49. I am a neat freak !
50. Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Basketball Wives are my fav. shows right now.
51. I love drawing and writing. I express my feelings through both.
52. I like to spend excessivly but smart.
53. I don't do anything anyone tries to force me into.
54. I listen to myself first before I listen to others.
55. I have piercings, no tattoos.
56. I've never had chicken pox.
57. I have 4 wisdom teeth that need to be tooken out all at once, that day will be scary.
58. I love horror movies !
59. I keep my friends close by my enemies closer.
60.I've never been to a concert.
61. My least fav. country is Canada. It's very boring, quite and relaxed.
62. I hate gossipers.
63. I make lists for everything.
64. I love writing so this that I'm currently writing is a piece of cake. It's actually less writing that I usually do.
65. I collect pretty much everything that looks cute or unique or is important and dear to my heart.
66. I hate funerals.
67. My dream wedding : Vegas baby !
68. I never planned to have kids but if I do I would want a girl but then again boys are less expensive but I love doing my hair so doing my baby girl's hair would be so much fun.
69. I don't really plan my days, whatever happens, happens. I only plan days that are very important like business meetings, meetup with friends/family and etc.
70. I know how to cook but would rather be dining out at dinner.
71. I love cold showers.
72. Being married and wearing a wedding ring is not me. I won't like the mark on my finger.
73. I cry only when I'm talking about something dear to my heart.
74. I don't like players, guys who use women for all the wrong reasons.
75. I don't like being told what to do and when to do it, I dislike all controlling people.
76. I have a bad habit of picking the skin on my fingers.
77. Onetime my oldest sister called the police on me claiming I'm a suicide case. I will never forgive her for that.
78. I'd rather wake up early in the summer than when I use to go to school.
79. When I'm not happy I usually like to sleep off my stress or watch a show or movie.
80. My eating habits has changed so much over the years, I eat way less than before.
81. I'm always blamed for stuff that happens in my family by the same people who should be blaming thereselves.
82. I've been hurt by a lot of people so I trust no one.
83. I love watching shows where people are trying to succeed in life or already succesful and enjoying there wealth.
84. I don't make decisions quickly, I think about them throughly first.
85. No one feels my pain, unless you were in my shoes then your clueless.
86. I have no regrets.
87. I feel everything happens for a reason.
88. I love hot places where it's hot all year round.
89. I don't get stressed easily. I do my best to stay positive.
90. I do take advice but always try to give my self my own advice as well.
91. Girls always hated me in school.
92. Before I go out I always have my cell phone, wallet, purse and keys on me.
93. Limitless is the kinda movie that creates all types of thoughts in your head, I love that !
94. I like to relax at home with barely any clothes on.
95. I keep to myself most times but I'm not a loner.
96. I love to enjoy myself when necessary.
97. I'm a computer/internet geek/nerd.
98. I'm smarter than I look.
99. I love makeup especially MAC because there foundation really lasts very long.
100. I live my life to the fullest !

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