09 July 2011

So Many Stories To Tell

Caylee Anthony, O.J. Simpson, Ikenna Njoku...so many stories to tell.

Caylee Anthony who allegedly killed her 2 year old daughter didn't get executed in the state of Florida. She actually got off FREE ! She's a free woman but many people DO NOT believe that she didn't kill her child. In my opinion this woman looks innocent however the ones that don't like they could hurt someone usually are. I wouldn't trust this woman with my kids !
If you have no idea about the story behind Caylee Anthony then CLICK HERE to read more on wikipedia.
She was suppose to get the death penalty and breezed by it because of juries who saved her butt.
Keep your kids away from Caylee Anthony and your wife away from O.J. Simpson, there are many other people like these cruel, wicked people so be on the lookout for your sweet next door neighbor or really nice friend or loving husband to be that murderer that you never thought they would be.

Now onto another story I read today while checking my AOL mail. I'm with J.P. Chase Morgan bank so I decided I would read up on this story and was shocked by what I read. Ikenna Njoku cashed in a check that Chase bank sent him. All of a sudden he went to jail, loss his job and his car.
Ikenna was just a regular guy who bought his first home, he went to the bank to cash the check from Chase that he received in the mail when a teller at the bank became suspicious of him. Ikenna got tired of waiting for the check to be cashed so he left since he had errands to run.
While at home he called Chase and spoke about the check, they told him to go back to the bank and cash the check which is $8,463.21. He went to the bank the next day and police arrested him since the teller at the bank had been suspicious of him and thought the check was fake. She thought that a guy like Ikenna would never get a check in this amount. She had questioned him the previous day asking what job he did, does he own a home, how does he own a home, how can he afford a home and etc. that's the reason he left the bank the previous day and never was able to cash the check. Apparently this bank teller had him set up and had made reports to police once Ikenna left the bank.
While Ikenna was in jail Chase found out days after that it was a mistake and it was there fault. Chase claimed they contacted the police station that they should release Ikenna but the police station was closed so Ikenna stayed in jail for many more days throughout the weekend until Monday. Finally after over a year after getting an attorney and the news media trying there best to contact Chase, a Chase lawyer will be speaking with Ikenna's attorney to resolve this issue.

I hope Ikenna gets everything he lost back. They should give him cash to pay for a new car and hopefully get his job back or pay him until he finds a new job. Whatever way it works out they said Chase should be resolving this in a couple days so I will be on the lookout for the conclusion.

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