05 September 2011

Stacey Dash leaves Single Ladies !


    My favorite show on VH1 Single Ladies is now epically ruined ever since Stacey Dash announced she's leaving the show due to being too far apart from her family. OMG !!!! I'm so ruined right now because of that, I've been meaning to blog about it so I finally am. Stacey plays "Valerie" on the show who is a fashion designer who owns and manages her own boutique which looks like a fashion runway might I add. In the first episode Valerie was at a private home party with herself, her fiance, two girlfriends and there significant others'. Anyway her fiance decided he didn't want to marry her and left.
        Now as the show goes on he meets another woman who he engages to, his new woman ends up shopping at Valerie's store. Hold on the drama continues...he walks in see's Valerie and it's all crazy from there, they hook up, his new woman finds out and leaves him. Next thing ya know Valerie hooks up with this white guy who's really into her then boom Valerie is not into him, she then dates two other guys who don't work out then onto this final guy who happens to be her ex fiance's coach ! Her ex plays basketball so this is awkward however it doesn't get in the way of things. So the drama continues that Valerie's new man does not want to marry or have any kids because he's already went through 3 marriages but in Valerie's mind that's what she's always wanted that's why her and her ex fiance didn't work out cause she pressured marriage so he left her at her private home party in front of her friends.
          She declines her new man then re-thinks it and asks him to be with her, she will work with whatever he wants. Next thing ya know he declines her. She's crushed so she calls her ex fiance and has drinks with him only to wake up next to him in bed. She's so shocked now, she can't believe what just happened. She had drunk sex with him. Ok the story goes on, he wakes up to surprisingly propose to her (something he never wanted to do before) now he's all for it. She doesn't say yes or no because the door bell rings so she dashes in her naked body covered in her bed sheets to the door. Once at the door she opens it and to her surprise it's the coach saying he wants to be with her and all these loving gushy words that would make any woman's heart melt. He then takes out this box with a ring and proposes to her, she was about to say yes when her ex fiance showed up half naked as well at door asking who's that. That's it ! The season ends there. There were tons more drama but since Valerie's my favorite and she's leaving I summed up her story line in the show. Hers was the juiciest !

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