08 September 2011

Save on E.L.F. Cosmetics !

Yesterday I placed an order on eyeslipsface.com a.k.a. E.L.F. Cosmetics. This is my first time ordering from there site so I was a bit skeptical as I do with ordering from any site for the first time. I ordered the Studio Stipple Brush and Studio Powder Brush plus I'm receiving a free gift since I referred 3 friends at the end of my order via email. I think the free gift is a lipgloss, I don't remember which one.
I saved tons by using coupon code "FREEFIVE" which takes $5 off your order. My two items came up to $6.00 and shipping was eliminated when I entered the coupon code so my total came up to $7 and something cents then with like tax(which is only a couple cents) it came up to $8. Now without this coupon code I would of paid over $12 so I saved about $4-$5. Below are all the coupon codes I know of.


FREEFIVE - $5 off your purchase of any amount
CAROLINA - 50% off orders up to $15
ECD21 - 50% off all Studio line products
NAILKIT - Free nailkit with order over $15

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