07 October 2011

Tina Eats At A Japanese Restaurant

So I ate at this really nice Japanese restaurant in Midtown, Manhattan, New York City. The name of the restaurant is Yakiniki West which is located at 218 East 9th Street. The dish above was my favorite dish for the night ! The name of the dish is chicken tempura with veggies and lime on the side with sauce to dip the chicken in. I arrived into the restaurant with a sexy dress and heels on but had to remove my heels since in the Asian tradition you cannot wear shoes when entering a place (example : the house). I put my heels away in a shoe storage then headed on over to the table where I would eat at and sat on the floor/table, traditional style. I wanted to share all the amazing photos of the food so here they are.

Another dish, not for me.

Frying shrimp on the grill. I thought this was so amazing ! It tasted yummy !

This is raw eel. Now even though this was not my dish I tasted it anyway cause I was being nudged to taste it. It tasted good at first but the aftermath, meaning the after taste in my mouth wasn't so good. I'm not a fish/sea food type of person.
   A video frying the yummy shrimp.

Overall I enjoyed myself. I had a lovely night ! The food was great but this Japanese restaurant was missing one dish on there menu which I really wanted which was chicken teriyaki ! I liked the chicken tempura but wish I could of had chicken teriyaki as well. I tried new types of Japanese food so I didn't mind. Lots of beer but I kept it casual with my favorite drink Sprite of course ! Lol ! After that I did drink liquor which was Vodka.

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