31 October 2011

Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce today after 72 days of marriage. What a waste for her $10 million dollar wedding ! Kris didn't know Kim was filing for divorce until this morning. Kris released a statement claiming "He will do anything to save his broken marriage."

I think this whole marriage was not going work after watching the episode on Keeping Up With The Kardashians "Wedding Special" episodes. Now the reason I thought it wasn't going to work was because while watching the episodes Kim and Kris had two different views of life. Kim loves living the lavish, expensive and glamorous lifestyle but Kris on the other hand would rather live a happy normal lifestyle. As I'm watching the show Kim says to Kris that she wants to buy a $1 million dollar house that her friend had but now is selling; Kris's reply is "You should pay for your current place now before buying that but why can't we live in my apartment in New York City ? " Now Kim's reply is " Your apartment in New York is too small for me, I'm use to living a large place. I really want the $1 million dollar house it's really a deal. " They argued for a bit about it(they were in the car together driving) then there was a silence after they argued, this made Kris realize and re-think marrying her but he still did it anyway. After that happened I knew this marriage would be a disaster.

Kim loves the life of luxury and Kris is just too simple for her. Kris even wants to move to Minnesota with Kim but Kim would rather stay in L.A. to live close to her family.

Kris Humphries Was Chasing Fame

Kim and Kris before the split.

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