22 August 2012

How To : Keep A Woman

So I recently recorded a video on How To : Keep A Woman. The video is about all my tips/advice on what a man can do to keep a woman. Even though I recorded a video I thought I'd write a blog post as wll. Here are all my tips/advice on how to keep a woman. Feel free to watch the video below after reading.

Tip 1 : Be financially stable.
Every woman loves someone who has there stuff together and she won't have to worry about paying for dinner, groceries, bills & etc…all the time.

Tip 2 : Don't be a liar.
If you lie to a woman we will eventually find out and it won't be pretty. Liars always get caught ! Be honest and truthful. That works best !

Tip 3 : Be adventurous, keep the relationship spicy !
A lot of guys tend to change once there in a relationship and keep doing the same thing over and over or not doing enough to show there woman hey let's enjoy ourselves together. Trying new things and trying to plan something new to do all the time will help upkeep a relationship.

Tip 4 : Be Confident.
Confidence is sexy ! It's as simple as that. If you're not confident in yourself then a woman is most likely not going to want to be with you because a confident man is a happy woman.

Tip 5 : Keep track of small things.
For example like she may like neon pink heels or a faux fur coat then get her something like that but whatever she likes that she may hint to you.

Tip 6 : Don't try to move too fast like Usain Bolt !
When you first enter a relationship that you want to last don't try to move too fast. That will just ruin things and stop you right in your tracks. Be nice and slow like a turtle and you shall win the race.

Tip 7 : Keep yourself well groomed !
This is pretty easy just keep yourself looking your best as you would always. Just because your now in a relationship and she's getting to know the true you doesn't mean you need to slack off. Continue with your upkeep of your appearance !

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