26 January 2013

Best Hairsprays

If you are a fan of styling your hair then hairsprays should be on the top list of your favorite hair products. I'm addicted to hairsprays ! I would rather have almost perfect looking hair than wear makeup. I love both but I'd choose hair over makeup any day.
I will write about each product in the order according to the photo above.

Olive Oil Sheen Spray (15.9 fl oz)
I've been using this hairspray for several years now so it's one that I will keep re-purchasing no matter what. This is my first hairspray ever and it lasts really long ! I would recommend this hairspray to newbies starting out with hairsprays because this can be easily found at your local beauty store so it's easily accessible. The smell is good and it is organic ! This hairspray stimulates my roots and I use it usually when I'm straightening my hair.

Garnier Fructis Anti-Humidity Hairspray (8.25 oz)
This is the best holding hairspray I've ever used ! I've been using it for the past year ever since I bought it online. I did a test trial by curling my hair at 4AM in the morning then spraying this spray all over my hair. I went to Buffalo which is 10 hours drive from me, I was headed to a football game and when I went on this trip and was headed back home (another 10 hour drive) my hair held up pretty great, I still had my curls. This trip took maybe 28 hours(to go and come back home) so this hairspray held up pretty well. I would say it can make any hairstyle you do with a curling iron last up to 3 or 4 days depending on how you wear your hair at night.

KQC Thermal Shine Spray (5 oz)
This hairspray gives my hair a smooth shine and it is also a heat protectant. It can be used with a flat iron or hair dryer. I've tried both but now that I always air dry my hair I use it when flat ironing only now. I'm getting 2 more of these soon because I use it in my everyday hair routine. I really love this hairspray for heat protecting my hair. If you want one of the best heat protectants out there then add this to your list of hairsprays to buy. This was my first heat protectant spray and now my favorite.

Chi Enviro 54 Natural Hold Hairspray (2.6 oz)
This is one of the first hairsprays I ever tried. It does not contain a lot of product but that's because I received it as a free sample but I will be buying the bigger size. I still have like 50% left since I used it a lot last year. I will say it works by how much you spray on your hair so the more you spray the longer the hold. I will be using it for mostly when I travel now since it's one of my smaller hairsprays. I would recommend getting this for when you're going on trips with friends, family vacation, honeymoon....etc.

Shielo Flexible Design Hairspray (8 fl oz)
If you want thickness in your hair and want lift in your roots then this is the hairspray for you. You just hold it about 8-12 inches away from your hair and spray. It provides light to medium hold.  I would recommend this for anyone who wants volume and thickness in their hair.

Shielo Leave In Protectant (4 fl oz)
A little of this hairspray goes a long way. The smell is relaxing, that may sound weird but it has a really soothing smell. This hairspray offers color protection to your hair. The key ingredients in this product are UV Protectants, natural antioxidants from White Tea which enhance color protection and Shea Butter which adds protective moisture. What more can you ask for ? This is a must have for all hair types whether natural, colored, processed...etc. It is worth trying !

Shielo Natural Refreshing Mist (4 flz oz)
This is a hairspray that can be used for both hair and skin. It provides a natural refreshing mist, hydrates and activates moisture into your hair or skin. It contains proteins and botanical extracts that are for both hair and skin. I'd call this a hair moisturizer hairspray because just like moisturizer for your face this does it as well but to your hair. It can be sprayed on wet hair before styling to add moisture or it can be sprayed on dry hair to revitalize your hairstyle and refresh. I use it when my hair is wet mainly. I also use this in my everyday foundation routine. I always spray this on my foundation brush then dip my brush in the foundation I use (MAC Studio Sculpt) and apply to my face. It leaves me with a nice natural makeup finish for my foundation. I would recommend this hairspray to anyone that wants a two in one deal with this since you can use it both on hair and skin. It has become apart of my everyday makeup routine and weekly hair routine. I love it !

Umberto Beverly Hills Super Hold Hairspray (2 oz)
This is the smallest hairspray I have but the strongest ! It offers the strongest or maybe second strongest hold out of all my hairsprays. It's in competition with my Garnier Fructis hairspray, I can't really decide which one is stronger. I would recommend this hairspray for traveling or when you're on the go because it's small and can fit in your purse no matter the size. I received this from a friend when we were at the US Open (tennis game in New York). Thanks to her because this is my new favorite hairspray. This is probably the last hairspray I received. My collection is small right now but I love trying new hairsprays and this one will be re-purchased in a larger size if it's available. Buy this hairspray if you want the ultimate hold !

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