18 January 2013

Tina's Favorite Hair Products

Hey everyone ! I've decided to create a blog post featuring all my favorite hair products I've been loving in 2012. I usually use the same products throughout the year until I find new products to love. My list is below. What are your favorite hair products ? Comment and let me know.

This is my favorite curling wand which is the Remington Curling Wand (which is PINK !). I bought this from Amazon and I used it for the curls in all photos of this blog post. The curls last all day !

My favorite hairspray is the Garnier Fructis Extra Holdspray (2). It makes my curls last all day ! It's a must have if you want curls that last for several days. 

I am obsessed with hair clips ! I have a set in white and black just because I love them so much. I use hair clips to clip my hair up when styling my hair. They are really an essential hair product to have.

My favorite flat iron is the Cruise Control Zebra Print Flat Iron. I think I got this at Marshalls many years ago for like $29.99 plus tax and it has lasted me for several years now. It is the BEST flat iron I have ever bought ! I have never had any issues with it.

My favorite hair brush is the 350 round brush from http://apothica.com
I love this brush so much ! It's one of my favorite brushes ever since I received it last year. 

My favorite hairspray is Olive Oil Sheen Hairspray because I've been using it for like ever so I've loved  it year after year. This is a must have hairspray !

My favorite anti-frizz shine serum is Got2B Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum This item can be found on apothica.com. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to prevent frizz plus add a glossy shine to your hair. It smells really good too !

Other products I love :
Pink Wide-tooth Comb
Small Black Brush 
Detangling Comb
Small Tooth Comb

If you're interested in any of these hair products visit : http://apothica.com // skincarerx.com

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