12 October 2013

How to make money with Forex trading (without knowing Forex)

I've been introduced to forex by a friend a couple of months back and I have been making passive income with it since. Do I know anything about trading forex... No. But then with forexteemo.com it is actually an eye-opener because you get to "copy" what the experts are trading. That said, you don't need to have any knowledge prior to that to be able to make money! So far I'm very much happy with the results, as they have make me about $5800 (passively, omg!) since I subscribed with them ^^ Here's a screenshot of my account: 

 I started off with about $11000 and according to their site, the more you start with the more you get to make in profits. For your info, the trading account is yours and yours only and they don't get to access it or whatever so you have total control over the money and security from scams or frauds. If you have some extra money to spare and would like another source of passive income - hop on to http://forexteemo.com
 PS: I share this because I am very happy with the results and I do not receive any referral commissions for this.

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