22 February 2011

Long Stupid Day

I really don't know what to write right now but I feel like blogging so I thought I'd write a blog post regarding my day. Well, I was suppose to take a test today but I find out I have to get this paper stamped before I can take the test which SUCKS A**. I really wanted to take the test today and get it over with it so they re-scheduled me for March 15 so I begged and begged the adminstrator for an earlier date to take the test, she said the next dates are full but I begged some more and told her I really want to take the test at the earliest date I can so I asked her " What if someone didn't show up on the next test date ? " She said she'll check and YAY ME I will be taking the test in a couple days on March 2nd. I'm super excited ! I'll be studying for it, although I really never study when taking tests but this one is gonna be super long so I'll study a bit. It's actually 2 days that I will be getting to take it March 2 and 3rd. That's how long it is, they had to split it into two days.

If for any reason I can always re-schedule it so I'm not worried at all. I'm really happy about everything.
Hope you all are having a blessed week. I have good news coming soon but I won't say what it is yet.

Can you guess the good news ? :)

* Much love & Kisses *

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