28 December 2013

Tina's Wish List

Here's my Wish List. If not all, I would like to receive at least some of these things on my wish list one day.  

If you don't know what to give then always give money in an envelope or send it to the recipient online. It's better giving money instead of buying a gift someone might not like. If you have no idea what to give then money is your best option. 

MacBook Pro 
I really want this. If I received this I would literally cry in tears and say thank you too many times. This is the perfect gift for Apple lovers and tech geeks like me. My current laptop is a MacBook and it has the best free editor I've used (iMovie). I would like an upgrade though to the MacBook Pro.

MAC Gift Card
MAC Cosmetics was my first makeup brand I ever used. I bought their foundation while browsing the mall with my mother and ever since then I've been hooked. The makeup artist applied the foundation on my face and my mother bought the foundation for me. If someone you know loves makeup then get them this or maybe from a different brand that they love.

Canon SX40 HS
I've always wanted a Canon camera. I just received this in the mail after Christmas (Dec 26). I am in love with it so far ! My fave. effect on the camera is the toy camera effect. I've been eyeing this camera for months now ever since I saw my friend and youtuber Angelie with it. The zoom on this camera is amazing ! This is a stalker's dream camera ! Haha (There is an other version SX50 but it's very similar. Most say the SX40 is better.)

Canon EOS Rebel T3i / T4i / T5i
My dream camera ! Camera lovers will love this. This is a perfect gift for someone who films videos and/or blogs. I don't think you can ever have too many cameras. I want them all !

Cowboy Studio Lighting Kit
I've seen youtubers with this and of course I wanted it. I do prefer to film videos at night cause that is when it seems the most quiet to me at home. I'm like a night owl so if you're like me then get yourself this lighting or gift it to someone who is a youtuber, videographer, photographer…etc.
With this studio lighting it is a complete set so it includes (chroma key aka green screen, white background, black background and of course the lighting). I want this so bad !

Photo/Video Ring Light
This makes videos and photos flawless so of course I want this. I have seen lots of youtubers with this and it has made their skin appear flawless. If I received this I would jump so much cause I want to appear flawless on camera. Who doesn't ? This ring light is the circle looking thing around the camera in the photo.

Tripod + bag for tripod
Since I want a camera I will need a tripod to have steady filming. The brand doesn't necessarily matter as long as it's foldable/extendable.

Canadian Lynx (forest cat/rare breed)
I want this animal only because it is a cat. Even if I couldn't own one of these I would love to visit one. It would make my whole year, this cat is so beautiful and exotic !

Baby Lion
I've never touched a baby lion and would like to.If I could own or visit a baby lion I would super excited !

Applebee's Gift Card
Perfect gift idea for last minute. I love Applebee's !

Subway Gift Card 
Just started loving Subway and eating it way too often. Can't go wrong with eating fresh. Another perfect gift idea for last minute.

Starbucks Gift Card / Vanilla Frappe (bottled drink)
I love, love, love, love Starbucks ! Especially the Vanilla frappe in a bottle. I usually buy these in the four  pack and I am addicted. Giving me this as a gift would make me so happy. 

Edit : 13/12/29
Four Wheel Bike
I would love to ride one of these one day. I almost forgot to include it. It looks like a lot of fun to ride a four wheeler bike so if I was surprised with one or was just able to ride one I would be super excited.

Well those are all my items on my Wish List. What is on your Wish List ?
Let me know in the comments ! 

P.S. I changed my blog's layout background today to a white & rainbow color. Do you like it ?

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  1. Girl I know how you feel, I would also love to have mac book